36 Hours Left

For you to get a chance to Save the World!

Hearty Congratulations on getting Selected.

We had a brilliant time today at the group discussion. Your ability to put forward your views and convince others were commendable. And we feel you are the person who can come up with the right solutions to the imposing environmental problems that we have at hand.

Round 2: SAVE the world

The Second round is where we are bringing together a representative from 6 various countries to come together and discuss on a common environmental topic that is present in all of the countries.

Topic : Harnessing nuclear energy in your country

Kindly focus on the history and the development of nuclear energy in the respective countries allotted to you. It is necessary for you to mention any catastrophes that occurred in your country due to Nuclear explosion and how the country has coped from it.You need to also release a statement on what your country's stance is on Nuclear energy in the near future. Kindly do the necessary research required.

Rules and Regulations:

  • Each participant will be given 5 minutes to present their country's initial stance.
  • All other participants are allowed to ask 1 question to the Speaker. The Judges and the audience will also ask questions if needed.
  • You'll be handed a Crisis Situation on the Spot - You'll be given 5 minutes preparation and 3 minutes to present a solution to it from your country's point of view.

The Finalists

Save the world- Round 2

Wednesday, March 25th, 9-11am

Biotech Seminar hall, Bio Engineering Block