Mrs.Myers' Weekly Newsletter


Notes from Mrs.Myers

Hello! I apologize for the late newsletter! Yesterday, our work day was spent in various meetings, as well as getting a head start on conferences! I look forward to seeing the rest of you throughout the week!

Tomorrow we are finishing up the New Nation unit! I have uploaded a study guide with answers to eClass (Content -> Social Studies --> A New Nation). This is actually a copy of the open-note daily grade that they took with all of the answers filled in, as well as a list of the Bill of Rights at the bottom. For extra credit, they have the opportunity to write the Preamble to the Constitution at the bottom, which we have worked on now for two weeks! :)

Speaking of eClass, I'm adding some review units to the Content section. These are great "brush-up" options on commonly confused topics that we have covered this year. I will be talking about these at conferences, particularly with word study units! Feel free to have students explore these units when they have spare time at home!

Finally, just a note about school policies related to sickness: if your student is running a fever, or has run a fever in the last 24 hours, please keep them at home! Fevers are indicators that the disease is contagious, and for the safety of the other students, it is crucial that students with fevers do not come to school. It is a germ-y time of year, so we are definitely reinforcing washing hands consistently and coughing into our elbow! :)

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let me know!

Jordan Myers

What's Happening This Week

Topics We Are Covering:

Reading: Poetry Unit!

Writing: Finishing the final draft of our informational unit

Grammar: Complex and Compound-Complex Sentences

Math: Beginning Measurement

Social Studies: Finishing A New Nation

Daily Grades. Tests. Quizzes

  • A New Nation Test


  • Informational Final Copy Due

Want more practice in math or ELA? Try Front Row!

We have started using Front Row as a way to practice our past math topics and preview future math topics! Have students go to and use the class code cvwg4v to log in! :)

The practice is adaptive, meaning it will adjust to the student's ability! That means it is CRUCIAL that parents not help them with adaptive practice, so that it gives them questions that are the perfect difficulty level for their ability! :)

Also, this week, the TECHNOLOGY HOMEWORK is to try the assigned ELA practice ("Fast Food article and questions). It is due Friday!