Independent Reading Book Club Chat


We will spend 5-10 minutes sharing each section of our book club projects:

  • The Passage: Hook your group members! (10 points) Choose an exciting, interesting or descriptive passage to read to your group. The passage should be long enough (at least a page in length) to reveal something interesting about a situation in the story (element of the plot) or provide insight into a main character.
  • Visually Stimulating Poster: A picture is worth a thousand words! (30 points)
  • Honest Reaction: Is this book worth reading? (40 points) Are you enjoying this book? Why or why not? Do you connect with the subject of the book or with a character in the book? What was your favorite part of the book? Why? Would you recommend this book to a classmate? Why or why not? What type of reader would enjoy this book?
  • The Perfect Dish: This book makes me crave… (20 points) Choose a type of food, dish or beverage that you think goes nicely with this particular book.