The Swap; Megan Shull

Sydney McIntyre


The Swap is about a 7th grade girl, named Ellie, and a 8th grade boy, named Jack. On the first day of school, both, Jack and Ellie end up in the nurses office. The nurse was new this school year. She is an unusual nurse. When Jack and Ellie wake up in the nurses office they are in each others bodies. They are unable to change back in time before it is time to go home. So, they tell each other how to act, what to do, and what not to do around their families. So, that way the families think it is really them. Well, neither of them listen they both do something they were told not to do. Eventually, the two end up switching back to the correct bodies.


I thought it was powerful when Mackenzie sticks up to Sassy while defending Ellie. I thought this was powerful because it shows a good, strong friendship. I think the author put this in the book, because it is good to have a strong friendship so that was you can rely on someone when you need them. She showed this when Mackenzie stood up for Ellie.