Things are Changing

Baltimore, Maryland 1852

The Textile Mills

The first textile mill in 1793 owned by Smith Brown, William Almy and Samuel Slater the man who introduced textile mills to the United States. Textile mills being built all over the United states helped mass produce string and cloths. When Samuel Slater later died in 1832 he was a part of 13 textile mills.

Samuel Morse

Samuel Morse invented the telegraph to send long distance messages in minutes using Morse code which he co created with his partner. Samuel Morse was born in 1791. Samuel Morse graduated from Yale in 1810 wanting to be a painter but his father wanted him to be a book publisher. Samuel's love for painting had his father change his mind and allow Samuel to study art in England. He adopted a romantic style of painting. He returned to America in 1815 and set up a studio in Boston. In 1836 Samuel made the first prototype of the telegraph.


Hi folks! looking for a job? well we have got one waiting for you! bring you and your family and all of your items that you own because we could use familys we also have houses you can live in! we supply food and we have shops for all your other needs! come on down to baltimore textile mills and get employed today! remember to come early so you can get your job before everyone because with all the new textile mills lots of poor people are working and lots of people are filling up our spots quick.


Hey folks! we have some news for you! there are new and faster ways of transportation for you to get from one to place to another. we have railroads now! LOTS OF THEM! we have over 6000 miles worth of railroads going all around america. we also have steam boats and these are best for going up rivers fast. forget your old horse and carriage and come ride on the new ways to travel! we also have steamboats and rail roads to carry your goods for you. just package up your item and send it away!