Hawk Talk

Peninsula High School - December 17th, 2020

A Message from Dr. Potts

Dear Seahawk Family,

We are concluding the final week of school before break and wanted to share a bit of information and some joy amid very challenging times.

Shortly after break, we will celebrate the success of almost 100 students at PHS who have demonstrated extraordinary resolve and commitment to their education. Our Student of the Quarter Ceremony will occur virtually (see presentation below), and we will mail to our students certificates and the statements their teachers have written to recognize their success. PHS is truly blessed to have so many wonderfully committed students who, in the face of difficult circumstances, are performing at high levels.

This Saturday, presents an opportunity for community members to support Seahawk clubs, sports, and classes. The annual Stocking Auction is an attempt to generate resources for various student programs here at school. From 9 to 5 PM on the 19th, we will auction off several holiday stockings filled with various goods collected by our students and staff members. This is an opportunity to contribute and spread some holiday joy.

Our letter this month includes some information for those planning on attending post-secondary schools in the fall. College financial planning is a significant process and the FAFSA is a document that we encourage all our seniors to complete. A link to information regarding the FAFSA is included for you.

Every day, we have an opportunity to share a bit of joy that might make a difference and warm someone's heart. So many of our staff members go the "extra mile" to ensure that students succeed and thrive. We want to continue our service through the holiday break. Please find contact information for community and school-counseling resources should you be in need.

As we conclude the week before break, we wish you and your family members a restful and joy-filled holiday season.

Danielle, Mark, Kim, Jenny, Eric, Ross, and Joe

PHS Administrative Team

PHS Students of the Quarter

Congratulations to all our PHS Students of the Quarter!

Click HERE to view the presentation and learn about some of our awesome Seahawks.

Certificates will be mailed home after the break with a copy of the comments from their teacher.

Seahawks Stockings Auction

Please follow Peninsula High School on Facebook to participate in the Seahawks Stocking Auction on Saturday, December 19th!

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All National Choir

Congratulations to Indigo Clark and Ella Marchio who were selected for All-National Choir! This is the first time in PHS history that we have had students selected and participate in All-Nationals.

Check out the Key Peninsula News Article for more info on this honor!

Update on the Holiday Gift Drive

On Friday December 9th, we wrapped up the FISH Holiday Gift Drive! Thank you to all the families who donated items and to our Leadership & AVID students who organized the fundraiser.

We had over 60 student volunteers participate (in proper socially distanced, supervised conditions) collecting donations during the 5-day drive. We collected over 550 items and $475 in Target gift cards for the FISH Food Bank. These generous donations came from our own students, staff and our community. We could not be more PHS PROUD!


If your student is planning on applying to a college, university, community college, technical college, or any other type of educational program next year, and you have not completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), getting it done over the December break would be a great time to complete and submit the application.

Many colleges have January 31st as a priority deadline to submit the FAFSA, but the sooner it is submitted the earlier the colleges can start offering you a financial aid award package. Colleges and other programs have their own priority deadlines so please check the specific programs you are applying to for their priority deadlines.

When the financial aid offices of whatever programs you applied send you their award offer you can accept all of it, part of it or none of it. So, there is no risk to submitting the FAFSA, but if you don't, your only option will be to pay the set cost of attending.

Click HERE for more information

Rights & Responsibilities (DocuSign)

You should have a received a notification via email regarding the Responsibilities Handbook and Acknowledgement Form. If you haven't done so already, please follow the directions to complete the form.

The form will first come to your email for review and signature. Following your submission, the form will automatically forward to your student's PSD email (accessed through the student portal) for their signature and submission.

We encourage you to take this opportunity to have a conversation and discuss important contents with your student. We value your partnership and appreciate your assistance in getting these forms completed at your earliest convenience.

Community Resources

We understand that times are different and your family may be needing more support.

Here are a list of local community resources that may help you with your needs.

Gig Harbor/Key Peninsula Resource Guide

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