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Welcome to doTerra! I am so excited that you've joined doTerra as a wholesale member to help meet your health and wellness goals! I want you to know that I am available for your questions, be it about essential oils, doTerra, other holistic alternatives, sharing with others, etc. Please reach out ANY time!

I am so glad that you are open to natural, holistic alternatives and essential oils! doTERRA's essential oils are unique in their purity and potency; you have the BEST essential oils in the world coming to you! I am including links, websites and videos to support you as you learn more about and start using essential oils. There are many more resources, so please do not hesitate to ask for more!

Your order will include an Introductory packet; I encourage you to take the time and read through that information. There are reference sheets that you should keep handy as well as stickers to put on the tops of your bottles for easy identification. There is lots of great info in that packet so be sure to read through it before filing it away.

Your Member ID number is and your password is "". You'll need this information to sign in to mydoterra.com to process future orders.

To place an order, go to mydoterra.com and sign in with the above information. From there, you will select the option to place a one-time order or to set up a monthly Loyalty Rewards Order. The LRP (monthly) order is fully customizable- you pick what products you want and when you want them to ship and it can easily be changed from month to month with no order minimums required. If you have questions about the Loyalty Rewards Program, please let me know as this is the smartest way to purchase your products from doTerra.

Click here to watch a step by step tutorial for how to set up and process Loyalty Rewards Orders. If you need more support navigating the ordering process, let me know, I'd be happy to help out!

I know it can seem a little overwhelming at first, learning all of this new stuff, but it will become second nature quickly. You will find more and more ways to use your essential oils and naturally, you will offer suggestions to others as you learn all that essential oils can do. I would LOVE to hear your success stories with the oils; your stories inspire and encourage me as we go through this journey to better health and well-being together!

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The Share Program is an opportunity for all new, first-time Wellness Advocates in the USA to receive valuable gift packages by sharing dōTERRA with others. Advocates who love dōTERRA products and want to receive free products can participate.

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doTERRA University

Learn how to navigate doTerra's website, learn more about doTERRA's products and how to use them as well as other perks of being a doTerra Wellness Advocate at doTERRA University!

Loyalty Rewards Program

The Loyalty Rewards Program is 100% optional, however, it is by far, the smartest and most cost-effective way to purchase doTerra products. Watch this short video to learn more: http://www.doterratools.com/audio-video/purchasing-doterra-product/

Shipping Rewards Program

Learn how to maximize the product credits you earn to use for FREE products!

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Other Helpful tips:

I send out a monthly newsletter, so be sure to look out for that at the beginning of every month. It includes upcoming events, promotions, essential oil tips, recipes, and more- don't skip over these messages!

Like doTerra International's Facebook Page to see how other's use their oils as well as to participate in fun contests throughout the year.

Visit doTerra's Blog for tons of DIY recipes, food recipes, articles and more!

doTERRA's customer service is exceptional and can help with order issues, product questions, etc They can be reached at 800.411.8151 or through the online chat found in your back office (mydoterra.com).

Have fun with your oils and THANK YOU for joining me on this journey to greater health!

Hannah Gaitten

Call, text or email to schedule your Zyto Scan, AromaTouch Technique Session, Wellness Consult, Essential Oils Class and to purchase essential oil supplies