Government project

1."Those most qualified to lead will lead"


3.Who holds power?

Those elected,governors ,and people


There will be 12 elected members in total. Six members will be chosen in six different categories, Science,Technology,Philosophy,Education,Medicine,and Law.The other six will be chosen by the people.Issues and new additions to the government will be sorted out by the elected members and if they can't come into an agreement then they must vote.A vote of 8:4 will decide the outcome.Each member may serve up to a maximum of three terms.Each term is 3.5 years.

People who vote for the six category members must have some sort of degree in that field in order to vote for that category. The other six can be voted for without a degree but all voters must be 18 or older.

There will be 4 areas.Each area is governed by three different people.The three governors will be chosen by the people and the elected members may vote as well.People may run for governor and serve up to a maximum of four terms.

The governors may regulate their economy,enforce some laws, and make some laws but each law must be approved by the elected members and 35% of that area's population.That new law will only be added to the governors area that requested it in the first place.

Additions to the government will be conducted by the agreeing side arguing the pro's of the new addition while the disagreeing side will show opposing Con's.If the dispute hasn't reached a conclusion in a total of three days the issue will be shown to the public and the people will vote whether to add the new addition or not.The elected members will argue in public as well and the people may ask questions regarding the addition.A vote of 60%:40% will decide the outcome.

Removing something


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Each area has some sort of independancy.


Relies heavily on the elected members

4.Facts about our government

1. We have 4 areas governed by 3 governors each.

2. We have 12 elected members.

10. How it will stabilize Iraq.

The 12 elected members consists of very smart people and can help the country in many fields. It also lets the people have freedom while having order.