Maverick Minutes

September 21, 2015

This Week At Parkview

Monday, September 21st
  • College Shirts and jeans
  • Collaboration, 2nd grade 7:30-8:10 am
  • Math and Science curriculum walk throughs
  • survey begins for 3rd-5th graders
  • CPAC 3:10 pm
  • Lego Club 6:00 pm
Tuesday, September 22nd
  • Collaboration 1st and 5th grades, 7:30-8:10
  • Counselor meeting, 8:00-noon
  • Curriculum night, 4th grade, 6:00 and 6:45 pm

Wednesday, September 23rd

  • Collaboration Kinder, 7:30-8:10
  • Epps, mtg 8:30-3:00
  • Team Lead meeting, 3:10 pm

Thursday, September 24th

Friday, September 25th
  • Parkview Shirts and jeans
  • Collaboration 4th grade, 7:30-8:10
  • Sunshine Dues are due $20
  • Staff Potluck (tailgate foods)
  • Safety Patrol training meeting, 7:30 am
  • ARD 11:40 am
  • Attendance Dance 2:30 pm

Coming Up Next Week!

Monday, 9/28
  • Kinder/1st Social Studies training
  • Carnival meeting, 6pm

Tuesday, 9/29

Wednesday, 9/30

  • 2nd and 3rd grade Social Studies training

Thursday, 10/1

  • 4th and 5th grade Social Studies training
  • Istation reports go home

Friday, 10/2

  • Breakfast with Dads, 7 am
  • Early Dismissal, 11:40 am
  • Staff to lunch 12 noon to 1:15
  • Staff picture (jeans and parkview shirt) 1:30
  • professional development 1:30-3:30

Coming Up Soon!

10/5-7 Fifth grade to Sky Ranch

10/7 Vertical Team meeting, 3:10-4:10

10/5 grades due by 8:00 am in Skyward

10/10 PTA Fall Carnival, 4:30-7:30 pm

10/12-13 Staff Development Days, no students

10/14 Vision/hearing screening for K, 1,3,5 and all new to PES

10/14 CPAC

10/15 Fourth grade field trip to Austin

10/16 CTHS Homecoming

10/19-23 Book Fair

10/19 Flu Shot Clinic at Parkview for staff on insurance

10/20 ELAR curriculum mtg 4th grade full day

10/21 Individual Pictures for students/staff

10/21 staff meeting

10/23 Staff Potluck

10/23 End of nine weeks

10/26 grades due by 8:00 am

10/26-30 Red Ribbon Week

10/26 Pumpkins due for Storybook Pumpkin contest

10/27 5th grade math/science curriculum mtg

10/28 4th grade math/science curriculum mtg

10/29 3rd grade math/science curriculum mtg

10/29 Kinder field trip to zoo

11/3 2nd grade math/science curriculum mtg

11/4 1st grade math/science curriculum mtg

11/5 Kinder math/science curriculum mtg

11/5 Breakfast with Mom, 7am

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Math Fact Fluency

From brain research on :

Most students practice learning math facts with flash cards that do not include the answer. Doing so slows down the process of fact storage since the brain captures an image of the card and stores the fact without the solution. The fact with the answer must be stored in the brain before the fact can be rapidly retrieved. Therefore, a better option is practice using flash cards inclusive of the entire fact statement.

Learners using visual cues to prompt the retrieval of facts stored in long-term memory will often look up, away or even close their eyes because they are searching the brain for the stored fact. A student no longer reliant upon visual and auditory cues has progressed into rapid recall of facts and will over time provide the correct answer in less than one second!

Big image


Thank you to everyone who attended the picnic! We had a great time and lots of families came! This was our 3rd annual picnic and each year more and more people are coming!

Thank you to 2nd and 3rd grade teachers for hosting curriculum night last week! You did a great job and parents were grateful for the information provided!

Thank you to Gay Nell and Jenna for coming to sort out the popcorn orders last Thursday night! We appreciate your help!

Thank you to Larisa for helping me with the LPAC meeting and for passing out popcorn late Friday night! You were a life saver for both of these for me!


Aimsweb testing for Kinder and 1st is up and ready. Allie will give you more directions via email.

ESTAR/MSTAR testing for 2nd-5th grade will start on Wednesday. Please watch your email for a scheduled lab time. You do have to go in as a teacher first and assign the assessment to your students.

CPAC met yesterday to review our Campus Improvement Plan and discuss some upcoming activities.

-We will start the author's spotlight in October. The prompt will be released later this week. We would like one author per class to be highlighted on the spotlight board and these students will receive recognition on the announcements and with a tag.

-We will dress up for October 30th with a theme related to Red Ribbon Week. The actual saying is TBD, but something like Scare Away Drugs. Please start planning your costume. We thought it would be fun to dress in a theme with your grade level team. That is not required, but we would like to see everyone in costume.

The number line contest has started. See Allie Van Dine for details.

The character trait for this month is trustworthiness. Be on the look out for students who exhibit trustworthiness. Larisa will be asking you soon to nominate a student from your class for this first character award.

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