By: Charley Jividen, Anthony Olejarz

Other Names

Phoebus, Apollon, Sun

Domian/Natural Association (god of...)

God of the sun, light, music, medicine and truth.

Picture below: as the sun of light this shows him standing in front of the sun basically and just makes him look godly.

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Sun, Bow, Laurel Wreath and egg of creation.

Picture Below: His symbol is the egg of creation and what it essentially looks like.

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Other forms of this god/goddess

Snakes, wolves, swans, cattle, cicadas, palm tree.

Picture Below: The wolf is one of his main forms he takes on the earth especially the albino white wolf.

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Character/Personality traits

Caring and has knowledge.

Picture Below: He was very knowledgeable especially when it came to music, poetry and archery.

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Gifts, inventions and what he taught us

He taught us healing, poetry and music also a bit of archery.

Photos Below: They all represent his inventions and what he taught us.

Family Lineage

Son of Zeus and Latona and has a twin sister Artemis.

Pictures Below: Theses pictures show his relatives such as his mother(latona), father(zeus) and sister(artemis)

Modern day uses

NASA- apollo 11 and apollo theatre.

Katrina And The Waves

Walking On Sunshine (25th Anniversary Edition) by Katrina And The Waves
How to Shoot a Bow & Arrow: Beginner's Archery : All About Types of Bows for Archery


1.This a site where you can go shooting and buy bows and arrows and then try them out at the shooting range.

2.because Apollo was the archery god.