Florida State University

Consider Florida State University as a place to go.

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There are different kinds of scholarships at FSU like athletics and food plan.

A Presidential scholarship is an example of a scholarship you can get. There are many scholarships besides this on that students can get.


The athletic program at FSU is great.

For example, the football program competes in Division 1 football and has won 3 national championships.

FSU has great coaches and staff to coach you in sports.


FSU is know for their school history and traditions.

They started out as being know as "Florida State Eleven".

At every home game, a student dressed as a famous Seminole leader named "Osceola". He rides a horse named "Renegade" and rides to the middle of the field to plant a flaming spike into the ground to start the game.

This is an example to one of the many traditions at Florida State University.

School Chant/Slogan

FSU's slogan is "Let's roll". It's based off of Todd Beamer when he said this to his other passengers on flight 93 when the passengers over powered the hijackers of the plane.

The head coach of the Seminole Football team thought this would be a great slogan for the school.

Florida State University has something they call a "War Chant"

People chant this to hype up teams for the next play or to start the game.

Florida State Seminoles War Chant!

Interesting Facts

Florida State University is one of the nation's leading elite researching university.

FSU is the development of a new generation of people. Each year they award about 2,000 graduate and professional degrees to students.

Our Fine Arts program is one of the highest ranked in the world.

Fun Things to do

Football is a highlight for people to do in the fall. Many people go to the football games to cheer on our teams.

Students can go to a place called "The Rez". Its a lake that people can just relax and hangout with their friends.

FSU has a circus which opened up in 1947 as a way to bring men and women together. It has come a unique tradition at FSU to have these circuses every year.

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