Club Foot

By Bailee Johnson


An unusual position of the foot that can happen in one or both feet.


  • The foot (especially the heel) is usually smaller than normal
  • The foot may point downward
  • The front of the foot may be rotated toward the other
  • The foot may turn in, and in extreme cases, the bottom of the foot may point downward

Development Disabilities

  • Problems with shoes
  • Problems walking, running, etc.
  • Problems participating in normal play


  • The position of the baby in the mother's womb
  • A mix of genetic and environmental factors
  • Runs in the family


  • Move the foot into the correct position and put a cast on it
  • Reposition and recast the foot once or twice a week for several months
  • Perform a minor surgery

After it has been fixed:

  • Do exercises with your baby
  • Put your baby in special shoes/braces

Methods of Detection

  • Ultrasounds
  • Doctor can determine after the baby is born

Long Term Effects

Some will have balance or pain issues, but most will be fine after medical care. Life expectancy is normal.

Rate of Occurance

1/1000 Americans have clubfoot.

Support Groups

  • Facebook groups
  • Yahoo Clubfoot groups