Mexico Project

By: Carson Deppe


One of Mexico's cultures are sports. They have a lot o sports like soccer, baseball, and Bullfighting. Those are just some examples there in a lot more sports in Mexico.

Another culture in Mexico if food. Breakfast in Mexico can range from a simple cup of coffee to corn tortillas filled with fried eggs and a sauce of chili, tomato and onion. Lunch typically has an appetizer like soup or salad and the main course is seafood, meat or poultry, rice and or beans. Dinner is the lighter meal of the day in Mexico they usually have of soup or tacos.

Agriculture and Industry

Potato farms are popular in Mexico. Potato farms in Mexico are larger than those devoted to more basic food crops. Potato production in Mexico is mostly for commercial purposes; the production for household consumption is very small.


The climate of Mexico is characterized by warm summers and very chilly winters. The rainfall that this region receives averages about 32 inches annually and there are times of the year when temperatures reach freezing point.


Southern region of Mexico features the Sierra Madre del Sur, the Sierra Madre de Oaxaca and the Sierra de Soconusco mountain ranges. Some northern sections of this area are covered with dry deciduous forests, while the southern section is covered with thick rain forest.

The eastern territory of Mexico is the Yucatan Peninsula which projects into the Gulf of Mexico. The Yucatan region is covered with tropical forest on a flat low lying limestone shelf. A characteristic feature of the soft limestone landscape here is the sinkhole which forms when the ground above the Yucatan's numerous caverns and underground rivers collapses.