Vibhor Mittal


Vibhor Mittal, of the Outdoors

Houston Texas is most definitely a southern and western city. There are a great deal of activities to do and resident Vibhor Mittal takes advantage of these activities as much as possible. He is often seen backpacking, fishing, camping and taking a long bike ride perhaps across the desert, forests, and swamp land or wherever two wheels can take him. One of the things that strike people most about him is how active he is and how we engaging he can be.

Vibhor Mittal and Stories

Who doesn’t love a good story? You hear them around the office, you heard them from your parents, you have heard them from friends and you look for stories in the media that you ingest through television, the Internet and much more. One of Vibhor Mittal’s favorite mediums is that of books. He enjoys stories of all kinds that are told in fiction and stories that are true from nonfiction as well.

A number of novelists are on his favorites list including those that right in the genre of horror. Vibhor Mittal feels that the best novelists write about the human condition in such a way that they’re able to capture the amazement of its reader in a captive fashion. Situations that illustrate characters well are some of the best topics that are found in these great novels. There is no substitute for good writing and he is always looking for the latest and greatest writers. He also enjoys suspense and mystery writing, which is on interesting and always emerging space in the publication business.

Oftentimes he finds that some of his favorite novels are made into Hollywood movies. And while he is a fan of the novel, he understands and enjoys the interpretation of that story on the big screen as well. When a director stays true to the story as much as possible, it preserves the point of the original publication along with additional features that make it for a good movie. There are always choices to make as most movies run about two hours in length so some material gets abridged and some gets out right changed, but he is a big fan of movie productions.

Campfire Art, or Vibhor Mittal and Houston

Though not one to brag, Vibhor Mittal of Houston, cares about his city and so spends much of his time volunteering. This civil activism wasn’t something that came pre-coded into his thinking. Much like other adolescent boys, Mittal spent most of this time trying to find a way to impress that one girl (she sat in the back row and drew doodles of superheroes). As he got older, he began to spend more time in self-reflection, enjoying a sense of solitude, finding gratification.

The blame for this slip from reality and “normal” society was camping. Vibhor Mittal of Houston would watch and listen to the crackling flames until the light in his head went out but his eyes kept a-watching. This is where he discovered, photography and how useful it was, at least in terms of contrast.

He discovered a great many other things during his hours camping alone, but it was the first time that he took a picture of a fire and developed the film, changed him. He marveled at how the entire background faded in favor of the flame. It was such a powerful moment that he still remembers the campfire.

The moment was so powerful and life changing to him that all five of his senses can tell some part of the story of that night: the chill against his neck and the subsequent goosebumps, the air nervously padding his tongue with the faintest taste of mint, the sound of bugs chittering, the noise of a coyot’ wailing in the distance… the one thing he can’t remember, the outdoor scenery.

Vibhor Mittal, and the Outdoors

Nobody likes being locked up in a cage. Pets don’t like it, people don’t like it, and you should get out as much as possible. Vibhor Mittal is a man who takes that to heart in a number of interesting ways. He is a big fan of the outdoors. He absolutely loves. Living in the city of Houston Texas in one of the biggest states in the country he has the benefit of a very wide variety of activities and an interesting world of outdoors. Clearly Houston is a mega-city that is filled with freeways, buildings yet has its unique history and beauty in a way that he calls home. He also loves to escape the confines of the city and finds himself traveling around the area to the countryside around South Texas. This could mean a drive along Route 77 and stopping by the variety of cities that are close to this long highway. Cities like Corpus Christi come to mind and there are many things that can be found in these communities. First of all the beach is a popular attraction, fishing is a popular attraction, and sometimes the nearby coastline is filled with a variety of wildlife which are interesting to go and visit. If you go far enough down the coast you will find the very south Texas cities of Brownsville, San Benito and a number of others. These areas have their own distinct climate as they are very close to the country of Mexico. It can often be very warm, humid and windy in this area and there is a popular beach location on an island called South Padre Island where a lot of tourists will go and visit.