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Gantz Associates: Practice Areas

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Gantz Associates is dedicated to providing legal counsel at affordable rates to Michigan residents in these practice areas:

Foreclosure Prevention

Consumers can avoid unnecessary foreclosures and stop foreclosure “rescue” scams that promise the world in exchange for your money. Gantz Associates helps homeowners explore the real options available to keep your home and interact with your lender in a lasting and mutually beneficial way. Our approach is unique and proven – we will help you keep your home at all costs, whenever possible. “We will not make promises we can’t keep,” says Adam Gantz. “If we can’t help you, we will tell you the truth.”


Filing for bankruptcy can be a saving grace to help you resolve debts in a manageable way. Bankruptcy law is one way to allow those in debt to free themselves from financial mess and start with a clean slate. At Gantz Associates, we guide our clients toward the best form of bankruptcy for their situation and help them get back on their feet. Gantz Associates guides clients in filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy (where you wipe out your debt and walk away) and Chapter 13 bankruptcy (which enables you to save your home and build a repayment plan).

Social Security Disability

If you cannot work due to disability, you may be eligible to receive social security payments. We will help you determine whether benefits are your due and help you attain them. Even if federal agencies have denied a claim in the past, we will pursue a better outcome.

Estate Planning, Probate Administration, Probate Litigation

An estate plan provides for care of your family after your death as well as management of your finances and debts. Whether you’re looking to create an estate plan or implement the plan of a departed loved one, Gantz Associates can help. We provide thorough estate planning services, from the creation of a will to a more complete trust package, which includes a will, trust, durable power of attorney for health care and medical expenses and more. We are experts in federal and state law regarding estates and guide our clients toward the best possible outcomes.

Personal Injury

From traffic accidents to slip-and-falls to assault claims, dog bites, auto accidents and more, Gantz Associates represents a variety of personal injury lawsuits. Personal injury includes instances of negligence that can result in long-term injury or loss of function.

Debt Settlement and Credit Repair

Gantz Associates are experts in debt arbitration, negotiation and credit settlement and can help clients repair bad credit reports through Fair Credit Reporting Act litigation. We successfully negotiate outcomes with regard to client debt so that both debtor and creditor agree on a manageable payment plan.

Criminal Law

Criminal law refers to a wide array of crimes a person can be accused of, ranging from traffic matters to assault to theft to domestic violence and drunken driving. Gantz Associates represents clients in all areas of criminal law.

Family Law

Family law includes any domestic matters that require legal resolution, including divorce, spousal abuse, annulment, prenuptial agreements, paternity, personal protection orders, juvenile adjudication and child custody, among other matters.

Employment Law

Gantz Associates can represent you in issues related to opportunities for gainful employment such as age or sex discrimination, sexual harassment, disability discrimination, Equal Opportunities for gainful employment, violations of the Family Medical Leave Act, hiring practices and other matters related to the workplace.

Corporate Formation and Support

Looking to start a company? We’ll help you create the legal structure of your new business to protect personal assets from liability and support you as you grow.

Commercial Litigation

We work with clients on the legal matters related to day-to-day business operations including contracts and related disputes, vendor, subcontractor and franchise matters and independent contractor protection.

Real Estate Law

From preparing closing documents to guiding clients through real estate transactions, Gantz Associates guides every step of the legal process to acquire or sell property, including boundary disputes, tax foreclosure, damage to real property, adverse possession and easements.

IRS Defense

Gantz Associates represents clients in IRS matters, including inquiries and claims, showing our clients the best possible defense toward their specific case and helping them save money in the resolution process and negotiating settlements.


If you feel a prior legal outcome was not the best result, Gantz Associates can guide you toward appealing the first decision and resolving the matter anew.