Energy Bus Book Study

K - 12 Book Study Team -- Month 4

K - 12 Book Study Team

You have chosen to join the group that will be meeting before school (7:15 - 7:50 am) OR after school (3:10 - 3:45 pm) on April 12 and May 10. Location -- Middle School Library. (It's not too late invite you friends.)

Month 4

During this session, we will look at the rest of the book.


Before the meeting, consider the following:

• Positive energy is the positive thoughts and emotions you think and feel and share with

others. It consists of smiles, laughter, gratitude, trust, faith, and joy.

• Smiling makes you feel happier.

• Being grateful makes you feel more positive and happier.

• Positive people are happier people. Positive people are healthier and are also better at

overcoming obstacles. They also make more friends and are more successful.

• You can’t be stressed and thankful at the same time.

• When you think about your success of the day you look forward to creating another

success tomorrow.

• If you fuel up with positive energy you develop the power to overcome life’s obstacles and achieve your positive vision.

* What kind of compliments have you gotten this month? How have you given them?