Why do selfies matter

The meanings of the selfies

Selfie might be just another post but is a unique way to attract more attention from followers by giving them a sneak peak of you personality and expressing yourself in everyone's own way.

"But a lot of ll-stocked collection of selfies seems to get attention. And attention seems to be the name of the game when it comes to social networking." (James Franco paragraph 4, The New York Times)

Power of the selfie

Some people know the power of their image and they know all the attention they drag by posting just an easy photo. This is why the selfie is the most popular way to post pictures in any social media.

"these stars know the power of their image,and how it is enhanced when garnished with privileged material-anything that says, Here is a bit of my private life."(James Franco paragraph 6, The New York Times).

Famous people also know how to gain attention and the power of the selfie. They know people would stop scrolling when they see their selfies posted on social media.

Everyone takes selfies and you should too

The selfie king of Sljh

Leon Noguiera

Selfies are a way to have fun with others too!

For example this project was super fun. It was a way to bond with others in different classes