Superintendent Bahr Newsletter

February 2020

February 2020

Welcome to the February Newsletter,

As we move ever so slowly towards Spring, I wanted to get the opinion from experts about the importance of Valentine’s Day. A small panel of Kindergarteners and Preschoolers were happy to tell me their thoughts.

What is so important about Valentine’s Day in February?

  • Because I spend time with my family. My mom works a lot but has time to spend Valentine’s Day with me.
  • Because we give presents like chocolate: I like chocolate even though it has sugar.
  • You get to eat and spend time with family.
  • You give cards to people
  • You get Valentine’s chocolate and skittles
  • You give hugs, and loves and heart shaped cards.

So as you enjoy February, just remember that what we say, do and how we treat others is definitely making an impact on others, up to the very smallest of us.

And as I had a captive audience of experts, I asked about what they loved about Spring? This was met with a cacophony of answers, some of which are as follows:

  • I love to …swim
  • Play outside
  • Go on a boat
  • Ride on my quad
  • Pick flowers for my family
  • Bake good cookies
  • Ride around on toys outside
  • Go to the zoo
  • Seeds, and seeds!

So as we move to the second semester, may we remember to treat others with love and chocolate and to remember to play outside and go places with our families and friends…this is what the experts say! A special thank you to my kinder friends, notably Sawyer, Kayden and Kent…you rocked the answers!

Happy February!

Thank you for being such an amazing community to raise children in: Eatonville Strong: Strong Schools = Strong Community!

Sincerely and with chocolate,

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Election Day is February 11, 2020

Bond & Levy 2020 Presentation at the Eatonville Community Center

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Eatonville Special Olympics

Sub-Regionals Basketball in Bremerton - Saturday, January 25

Eatonville ended up taking bronze/3rd place in our division. Athletes were happy to have a medal!

They played exceptionally well since they only had a five member team with no subs for three games, most teams were 8-10 players.

Also, the students played in the Masters/Adult division because one of the team members is over age 21, so they had the youngest team in their division.

Very proud of our Eatonville Cruiser athletes for representing Eatonville so well with good sportsmanship and fun!

Check out the team's Facebook page “Eatonville Special Olympics” for basketball game videos.

Athletes Left to Right wearing their bronze medals:

Jason Pedersen (Former EHS student)

Elijah Reinicke (EMS Student)

Mason Carlson (EMS Student)

Leah Smiley (EHS Student)

Aaron Schmidt (EHS Student)

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Eatonville Middle School Warriors

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EMS Outdoor Club on January 29

They had a successful 1st outing to the Mashell Falls and Pack Forest on January 29. Despite the rain, they had a great afternoon outside. Students saw 4 (5?) bald eagles, the lower and middle falls, salal harvesters (the leaves are used in floral arrangements, also the berries are edible and the plant has many medicinal uses, more information here), and talked about a variety of topics (water tower energy transformation, fractions with cookies, eagle habits, the flow of waterways in our area).

Columbia Crest Rainiers

Eatonville High School

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Juniors - Grace Jordan, Abby Miller, Hannah Sturdivant at Tolo
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Hannah Kralik, Rylee Valentine, Aubrey Wicker posing at Tolo.

Weyerhaeuser Wildcats and Mount Rainier Parent Partnership

Eatonville Elementary School

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Eatonville Pool Information

For information on upcoming swim lessons, pool parties, and rentals.

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Upcoming Events and Calendar Items

Upcoming News and Events

  • February 5 - Late Start Wednesday
  • February 11 - Special Election - Eatonville School District Bond & Levy 2020
  • February 12 - Late Start Wednesday
  • February 17 - No School in honor of President's Day
  • February 19 - Late Start Wednesday
  • February 26 - Late Start Wednesday

  • March 4 - Late Start Wednesday
  • March 11 - Late Start Wednesday
  • March 13 - FULL DAY OF SCHOOL (make-up for January 14th snow day)
  • March 18 - Late Start Wednesday
  • March 25 - Late Start Wednesday