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Adding Images to Emails - 4/6/13

So since I've seen this happen in several emails I have already sent out myself, because I keep forgetting I figured I would share this my newest of Outlook annoyances.

In the past you have been able to simply drag your image from where ever it was located on your computer right into your message that you were writing and when you hit send the image would be included. Now here is where Outlook fools you. It will let you drag images in, it will actually SHOW them in your email, but the second you hit send. BANG! No images for anyone else. Anyone who gets your email will get a broken images symbol like this one........yes it's ok to say "Carrie, I've seen that on many of your emails!" I know I know! SMH! (I don't want to send them out again.....dang that No UNSEND Feature too! So if you want one with missing images, let me know and I'll send it directly to you!
So how do you get around that? Well first you will need to save a copy of the image you want to use onto your computer. I usually save these to my desktop, put them in the email or thing that I'm working on, then trash them when I'm finished.

To Save Images from the web to your desktop > Control - Click on the image and choose Save Images As in the drop down menu.

Save the Image to your desktop or other location of your choice.

Then here is the trick. Instead of dragging into in your email message from your computer like below......
You want to click the little image icon at the very top of your message.
Find your image, click on it to select and then click OPEN. It will be added to your email.

Once it is there you can click on the image once and see the Resize Options. You can choose to set your image at 25/50/100/200% or Fit to Window. I would recommend a size that looks easy to read but NOT so large that your readers have to resize their window to see your image.

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