Sam Davis Jr.

"The Entertainer"

Early Life

Early Life

Sam was born on December 8,1925 in New York City. At age 7 he played the title role in the film,"Rufus Jones for President". During his life Sammy said that his mom was Puerto Rican. But, an author Will Haygood wrote about how Sammy's mom was from New York City of Cuban. So, Sammy claimed that he was Puerto Rican too so it would hurt his record sales.

Personal Life

Davis almost died in an car accident on November 19, 1954, as he was returning from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. In 1953, he had struck up a friendship with comedian and host Eddie Cantor, who gave him a mezuzah. Instead of putting it by his door, as a traditional blessing, Davis would wear it around his neck as a good luck charm. The only time he forgot it, was the night of the accident. The accident was at a fork in U.S. Route 66 at Cajon Boulevard and Kendall Drive. Davis lost his left eye to the bullet-shaped horn button as a result. His friend, actor Jeff Candler, said he would give one of his own eyes if it would keep Davis from total blindness. Davis wore an eye patch for at least six months. He was featured with the patch on the cover of his dept album and appeared on "What's My Line" wearing the patch. Later, he was fitted for a glass eye, which he wore for the rest of his life.


Sammy was in a family act that played all around Portland,Oregon.This led to Davis being hired to sing the title track for the Universal Pictures film Six Bridges to cross in 1954 and later to his starring role in the Broadway play Mr. Wonderful in 1956.
Sammy Davis Jr (Rufus Jones): "I'll Be Glad When You're Dead You Rascal You"