Hundertwasser's Art

My Personal Response

My Personal Response About Hundertwasser

Hundertwasser is an artist of an unusual artwork piece. It can describe fantasy. This facsinating piece of art includes lollypop trees, crooked buildings and colourful bright backgrounds. Hundertwasser loved using wavy lines and bright colours, but hated straight lines and dull colours. His artwork is attractive and strange.

Usually, on top of buildings there are onion domes. I'm not really sure if the picture tells a story or not, but I don't think it does. This made me think of walking into a new Disneyland for the first time. This Disneyland has lots of fun rides.

If I was in the artwork, I would climb the trees, enter the buildings and explore the whole world. It would be very strange, and unreal. The picture makes me feel bright and happy because all the colours are bright and happy. Not one colour is dull.

I don't really like the onion domes. I would prefer clouds, because they seem more imaginative to me. The part that I like best is the colourful background.

This art is very interesting to me. I think it looks extraordinary. Everyone should have at least one glance at this fabulous art.