Interesting Coral

Timothy Sneath


Some people think coral is a plant but they’re animals just like fish. Well, coral is living and needs real food like humans. Coral is a lot more interesting than most people expect, for example they get their food by paralyzing its prey, and they also stay in one spot their whole entire life.


A coral’s habitat is the Great Barrier Reef or off the coastline of Australia. Coral needs to grow in clear, shallow water because it needs sunlight to grow. Some corals live alone or in a group called colonies. Another place coral is found is the Pacific Ocean or other tropical oceans. These creatures are much often seen in coral reefs which are many of colonies formed together. There are over 70,000 different species of coral and most of them are found in the Great Barrier Reef.


Coral only move when they are born because they stay in one place their whole entire life. But, they might move when they die but not always because they sometimes attach from the rock. The way a coral gets food is it paralyzes its prey and draws it into its mouth. Even though the coral does not move very much it has a very interesting way to eat.


It’s amazing coral has a favorite food just like most humans do. A corals favorite food is plankton even though it is small it still fills up the coral. On the outside of the coral it does not show it’s tentacles because it waits for a prey to come by. Another food a coral likes is algae because it has nutrients in it.


Also, you now know that coral has a favorite food just like we do. Another name for a coral reef is underwater garden. The main prey of coral is a small fish that the coral paralyzes. Just like humans they eat food with their tentacles which is hands to them. My opinion of coral is it is very amazing with the way it eats and how it stays in one place their whole entire life because I would be very bored and would un attach after a day or two.

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My diorama has 2 coral 1 hammerhead shark 1 sea turtle 1 clown fish 3 seaweed one jelly fish an done sting ray.
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Tim Tam

My chefs corner food is a Tim Tam which are chocolate bars that are eaten with coffee. Tim Tams are owned by a company called Arnotts. They were made in Australia.

Go Fish

My tank in go fish was 20 gallons and I have 6 fish in my tank. These fish are 4 clownfish and 2 puffer fish.