Where Does Your Family Fit?

By: Cassidy Davis

My Great Grandfather Robert DiGiorgrio

The family member I am choosing to focus on is my great grandfather on my dad's side of the family. Robert DiGiorgio was my grandmother's father. He was very determined and hard working. Robert's father was from Italy and his mother was from New York.

Early Life

Robert DiGiorgio was born on December 2, 1911. He was born in New York and lived there for until he was 15 years old. He had one younger sister, Dorothy who was five years younger than him. He was a hard worker very intelligent and always very determined. Robert's very first language was French because they had a housekeeper who was French and taught him. He is fluent in both French and English his whole life. For high school Robert moved to New Jersey, where we attended Lawrenceville, an all boys boarding school. He was very smart so once he finished high school in 1929 he moved to Connecticut to go to Yale University, and majored in French.

Later Life

After he graduated college in 1933, he moved back to New York and went to law school at Fordham University in 1936. Later, he moved to California in 1938 to work as the Chairman of the Board for his uncle's company called the DiGiorgio's Fruit Company. He then met my great grandmother, Eleanor Vollman who he eventually married on January 20th, 1939. After they got married Robert and Eleanor had four daughters. Ann, Barbara, Dorothy, Christine. They purposely named their daughters in alphabetical order.
Robert really liked California so Robert and his wife decided to stay and live in California with their daughters. He continued to work at DiGiorgio's Fruit Co. and became the President of the company. On September 4, 1944 Robert passed away at the age of 82 in Lafayette, California.