AIESEC Seattle Weekly!

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Shout Outs!

Task Force: Thanks for the LC efforts in helping reach "70". 4 Weeks left!

Khai: your efforts for taking initiative in Task Force and Spring Retreat is amazing, thanks for all of this

Justin: planning out a really thought out small event task force

Angie: working on Business Week in order to bring us Foster's opportunities by contacting big corporation speakers such as Apple, Microsoft and Deloitte.

Mohammad: planning out our LC bonding event! it went really well so thank you!

Cheyenne & Khai: for getting approval opportunities

Reanne: creating PowerPoint slides for OGC

Dan: Applying for OGC programs, LC members taking up opportunities to go abroad!

Jack Zaw: (this is weird to mention myself. "Jack Zaw for making the newsletters" Gina made me write it)

AIESEC Seattle Newsletter

Dear AIESEC Seattle members,

This is the official weekly newsletter to keep everyone updated! If you have important announcements to make please contact Talent Management members: Jack Zaw, Angie Fung, and Mohammad Al.

Happening This Week!

  1. Surprise by Nationals @ LCM
  2. Reaching "70" by the end of this quarter
  3. Tracking the efforts of 70 for visual results
  4. More Updates on Spring Retreat
  5. Newbie Education @LCM with the LC members!


  • Marketing: Local Committee (LC) wide Facebook promotion soon! so keep an eye out for more info!
  • OGT: Indian & Taiwan Internship PowerPoints completed and several new opens
  • OGC: 5 approvals in the last 3 days, going through payments

IGT: Melody had a Partnership Review meeting with iLive Bold. Siren has shortlist for their interns. Intensifying attendance in networking events to get most out of the last 4 weeks.

IGC: I am meeting with YMCA this Wednesday. Yiming raised her second meeting and is meeting with mountains to sound greenway trust this Wednesday!

Tabling at Paccar on Mondays and Tuesdays!

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Business Week!

Angie is working hard on planning Foster Business Week! We have been focusing on getting speakers at our panel. We are reaching out to our BOAS such as Scott and Steve. So far we have gotten a few leads such as Scott from Deloitte, Tatiana from Apple and also from Microsoft. There will be more panelists hopefully by next week. The event will be May 16th at Deloitte commons from 6:30pm to 8pm. It will be very rewarding so hope to see all of you there!

Spring Retreat! Hope to see all of you there! Pay Soon Everyone!

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LC Bonding out at the WaterFront!

Thanks for showing up out at the waterfront! No one fell in the water! The two new intern had a lot of fun and thanks Mohammad for planning out this opportunity. Hope to have more LC bonding events in the future.
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HELP! I have a family emergency and can't make it to LCM this week!

LCM Excuse Form is under the Talent Management workspace on Podio. or

**Remember that LCM attendance is mandatory and only valid excuses are accepted.

Gossip Box!

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Don't Forget. "70" by the end of this quarter. 4 More Weeks!

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