Jackson's Presidency

Hero or Zero? Sara Plowman- 3rd Period

Trail of Tears

After the Indian Removal Act, natives were moved out of Georgia. The natives were provided with food for one year after their arrival, baggage wagons so that their removal would be comfortable, and a physician well supplied with medicine. However, the weather was bad and most natives died on the way or when they arrived at their reservation. That's where the name "Trail of Tears" comes from.

Nullification Crisis

The 1828 and 1832 tariffs were passed and South Carolina was upset because they relied mostly on imported goods. South Carolina refused to pay the tariff and threatened to secede if the federal government made them pay. Congress passed the Force Bill that forced South Carolina to pay the tariff and Jackson was allowed to lead the army if they refuse. South Carolina agreed to pay if the tariff was lowered.

"Spoils System"

Jackson created the Spoils System which rewarded people with government jobs that helped him get elected. Jackson did this so he would receive support from the people. Some people liked the system because it made them feel like they were contributing. However, others didn't because unqualified people could get jobs and it posed a risk.

Letter from a Plantation Owner

I'm a plantation owner, and I rely mostly on imports. When Jackson passed the tariff of 1828 and 1832, it became harder for me to get the things I need for my plantation. He has no idea what it's like to provide for your farm and everyone that lives on it. Now I have to lay off some of my slaves because I can't afford to keep them around-which means I lose more money. Jackson is TERRIBLE!!!!

Letter from a Northerner

Jackson is the best president that we've had!!! I helped him get elected and he gave me a job in the government even though I have no qualifications!! Now I can really support my family with this new source of income. Also, since he removed the natives, we have more room for factories to make more goods!!

Political Cartoon

This cartoon represents the Nullification Crisis. John C. Calhoun, vice president, represented South Carolina when the tariffs first became a problem. South Carolina refused to pay, so Jackson threatened to hang Calhoun if they didn't pay. Later, South Carolina agreed to pay if the tariffs were lowered. The issue resolved, but Jackson's threat of hanging Calhoun was still a big deal.
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