Ben Franklin

By: Sam Tedesco


Ben Franklin was a popular man in colonial times. Ben started out like a regular kid he had a couple friends as he grew up he got even more famous. Ben Franklin invented many bad things but he also invented a lot of good things that we use today. Ben grew up in Boston and traveled to London at the age of 17. Without Ben Franklin's intelligence, self-discipline, and inventions today's world would not be the same.

Benjamin's Start

Ben started out as a regular kid. He had a couple of friends. Then as Ben Franklin aged he got more famous and offered more inventions and skill to the world. Ben Franklin was born on January 17, 1709 and had 14 siblings. Ben taught himself five different languages. After Ben taught himself different languages he became a writer at the age of 16. Ben Franklin died April 17, 1790 leaving behind a giant fingerprint on the world of inventing. When Ben Franklin died over 20,000 random people attended his funeral.

Ben's Inventions

Ben Franklin invented many things that we use today like the rocking chair. Ben Franklin invented a lot of things. One important thing Ben invented was electricity. Another thing Ben invented was the Franklin stove and the glass harmonica. Ben Franklin wore bifocals. Bifocals are glasses people just called them bifocals back then. Ben surprisingly also invented the lightning rod. Ben's inventions prove that he was truly ahead of his time and without his inventions we would not have much of the technology we have today.

Where Ben Traveled

Over his lifetime Ben traveled many places, though traveling during those times was difficult compared to today's traveling system. Ben Franklin was born in Boston and traveled a lot throughout his lifetime. At the age of 17 , Ben first traveled to Philadelphia he then went to London to complete his studying. When he was done studying in London he went back to Boston. when he returned to Philadelphia he took over a newspaper company called the Pennsylvania Gazette. After, Ben did that he traveled to France. In France he gained his reputation for wearing a coonskin cap. While traveling was difficult Ben made it many places for good reasons.


Ben Franklin came from a large family and grew into a worldly, intelligent and respected Founding Father. At a vary young age , Ben knew that education was the key to success and taught himself many things. Ben was an inventor who helped in giving us many important things we use today like electricity. Ben's travels to many places to see and learn many things is one of the reasons he became such a successful man. Without Ben Franklin's expertise, thirst for knowledge and drive we would not have some of the things we have today.


1.Attended- To go to and be present at a meeting ect...
2.Franklin Stove- A cast-iron stove for heating a room
3.Invented- creative ability
4.Returned- come or go back to a place
5.Success- The accomplishment of an aim or purpose


1. Ben Franklin by: Peggy Saari