Jeffries Weekly Update

May 16-20, 2016

How to Have More FUN!

Bring The Fun This Week with Your Students!

Please take a moment to watch this really good video.

As we enter our last week of school, what message with you give your kids? That every last day you have with them will be full of fun, making memories and that you will miss them?! OR will you give the impression that you are sick of them and can't wait for them to be out for the summer.........I hope you choose to bring the fun and leave them with a feeling of "I can't wait to get back to school!"

This Week's Events:

Monday, May 16- 2nd Grade to Chesterfield Park (1:30-3:00PM)

Tuesday, May 17- End of the Year Celebration Assembly (K-5)- 9:30AM & Perfect Attendance Lunch/Limo to Incredible Pizza (tentative) with Dr. Cooper

Wednesday, May 18- All Staff (who are here all day) NEED TO Park on the Playground to provide ample room for guests. You will be locked in during the day and re-opened at dismissal; Talent Show 9:30AM; Kindergarten Graduation 1:00PM (Gym)

Thursday, May 19- All Staff (who are here all day) NEED TO Park on the Playground to provide ample room for guests. Last day of School; 5th Grade Graduation (11AM for 5th grade students and their parents only).

Friday, May 20-

  1. All Rooms Closed Out (checklists turned in!): All staff should have their room closed out for the summer by 4:00PM. Those who are moving rooms should have all items packed or labeled to where they should be moved to.

  2. EOY Staff Party! Friday, May 20th from 5-7pm. The party will be at Nathan and Lucie’s house. There is a sign-up sheet on the fridge in the lounge for you to sign up to bring a food item. Spouses/significant others and your kids are welcome to attend.

Directions: 1450 S. Newton Ave, Springfield, MO 65807.

Park in the driveway first, then the left side of their street in front of their house.

*TIP: Please bring BUG SPRAY! The mosquitos are pretty bad!

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Thank You!

Thank you for another phenomenal year at Jeffries! We are truly a team and I couldn't do it without you! I am so proud of our growth as a school community and individually. Please take time this summer to Sharpen the Saw and recharge your battery! I appreciate those who provided feedback on the Master Schedule and Leadership Program. When I return in July (or if I have time prior to May 26), I intend to fully review everyone's feedback to drive the updated master schedule. Thank you for all of your hard work this year! I appreciate you!
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2016-2017 Back to School Dates

  1. New Elementary Enrolment (city-wide)- begins Aug. 1

  2. Class Lists- will be posted Friday, August 12, 2016 at 6:00PM (students may bring school supplies)

  3. Meet the Teacher- Monday, August 15, 2016 from 4:30-6:00PM

  4. 1st Day of School- Wednesday, August 17, 2016 (doors open at 8:20AM)

  5. Open House- Thursday, September 22, 2016 from 4:30-6:00PM

We are on the MOVE!

Moves Over the Summer (updated 4-15-16- tentative)

  1. Music will be in the current Computer Lab.

  2. Trisha Baugh will be moving into Rm. 111 (currently Coughenour’s Rm.)

  3. Tiffany Coughenour will be moving into Rm. 112 (currently King’s Rm.)

  4. Tracy Livingston will be moving into Rm. 114 (currently Baugh’s Rm.)

  5. Madeline Whitaker will be moving into Rm. 118 (currently Taylor’s Rm.)

  6. Dody McDaniel will be moving into Office/Rm. 115 (currently Livingston’s Rm.)

  7. Jana Payne will be moving into Office/Rm. 131 (currently McDaniel’s Rm.)
  8. Julie Allen will be moving into Rm. 116 (currently Heckert's Rm.)
  9. Bethany Hubbell will be moving into Rm. 105 (Currently J. Allen's Rm.)
10. Hannah Sparkman will be moving into Bethany Hubbell's current Rm. 101

11. Megan Sheets will move into Rm. 102 (Sparkman's Rm.)

Summer School Rooms (Tenatative- subject to change & different ones will be used in July)- Ms. Baugh will email out the July list when available.

Wonderful Me (K)- Jessica Worden- Rm. 138 (Mrs. Bratanov's Rm.)

Wonderful Me (K)- TBD- Rm. 137 Mrs. Certain's Rm.)

Super Hero Camp (1st)- Shelly Sawchak- Rm. 107 (Mrs. Sawchak's Rm.)

Super Hero Camp (1st)- Lucie Rogers- Rm. 106 (Mrs. Marlatt's Rm.)

Super Hero Camp (1st)- TBD- Rm. 109 (Mrs. Pennington's Rm.)

Camp Curious (2nd)- Julie Allen- Rm. 116 (Mrs. Allen's new room)

Camp Curious (2nd)- TBD- Rm. 117 (Ms. Eutsler's room)

Camp Curious (2nd)- TBD- Rm. 103 (Ms. Neyer's room)

Splash! (3rd)- Rachel Dutton- Rm. 119 (Mrs. Hood's room)

Splash! (3rd)- Wendolyn Felton- Rm. 118 (Ms. Taylor's room)

BotBuilder- (4th)- Caitlyn Mercado- Rm. 124

BotBuilder (4th)- Morgan Fonda- Rm. 122 (Mrs. O'Dell's room)

Night at the Museum (5th)- Mrs. O'Dell- Rm. 123 (Mrs. Eberhart's room)

Night at the Museum (5th)- TBD- Rm. 109 (Mr. Rogers Rm.)

July's Sessions (Tentative):

K-Pennington 109 (Pennington’s Rm.)

K-TBA- Rm. 138 (Bratanov’s Rm.)

1st- Sparkman 101 (Sparkman’s future room)

1st- Joshua Tracy- Rm. 102 (Megan Sheets future room)

2nd Andrea Green- Rm. 111 (Baugh’s future room)

2nd-TBA- Rm. 110 (Martin’s room)

3rd- Neyer Rm. 103 (Neyer’s room)

3rd-TBA Rm. 112 (Coughenour’s future room)

4th-Wendolyn Felton - Rm. 121 (Rogers’ Room)

4th- TBA- Rm. 130 (Hulett’s Rm.)

5th- Lindsey Heckert Rm. 128 (Mendenhall’s Rm.)

5th– TBA Rm. 129 (Eske’s Rm.)

New (Draft) Writing IC (K-5th Grade)

Writing- Just a heads up that the District will be focused on Writing next year (similar to what we have done with Guided Reading Fidelity checks, etc.). I have attached a DRAFT of the Writing IC for you to review. I will be providing Writer’s Workshop training as professional learning when we return, but it would be good to be familiar with these documents!

Writing I.C.

Guided Reading/Writing I.C. Combined

ELMO/Document Camera & Technology Updates

They don’t require a computer to be used. They can be connected directly to the projector and then use the projector remote to change inputs. If they do not want them they can enter a work order (call the Help Desk) and we’ll come remove them and the cabling to get it cleaned up. From: Bruce Douglas/Information Technology/Springfield Public Schools

Click Here for all of the Technology In & Outs (from the District/Bruce Douglas)

2016-2017 Professional Learning (tentative)

2016-2017 Dates/Professional Learning: See attachments! Please do not schedule meetings, appointments, etc. on district and building back to school dates!

2016-2017 Professional Learning Log (with dates)

Professional Learning Agendas for the Year & Input Needed

Want to request a supply, furniture or classroom need? Use this form!

Liz Out!

As many of you know, I had been pretty ill on and off this year and for the last several years. Maybe you were not aware, as I try to work through illnesses. I will be having a tonsillectomy completed on Thursday, May 26. My throat specialist, Dr. Aaron Morrison, stated that at my "age," it is considered a major surgery. It will take at least 2 weeks of being on constant prescribed pain medicine and will not be able to work, etc. Therefore, while I heal and hope to Sharpen the Saw with my kids the last half of June, I am going to try to not work on school related items. I officially return to work, July 1st. While EXPLORE is in session, I will be completing a lot of trainings, collaborative meetings, etc. out of the building. Please feel free to follow up with me on any school needs starting July 1st.

Back to School Grants! Apply Now!

The FSPS is now taking applications for the 2016-2017 school year through the Back to School grant program!

Also note that this year we have new grant categories. The application must be submitted online. You must read the grant guidelines and criteria prior to submitting your grant.

Grant application at:

Please contact the Foundation office with any questions!

Natalie Murdock

Executive Director

Foundation for Springfield Public Schools

1131 Boonville

Springfield, MO 65802

417-523-0144 Main Line

417-459-6049 Cell Phone
Learner . Achiever . Positivity . Input . Discipline

Innovation Summit! June 1 & 2

Thank you to the following who signed up to attend! If you still want to go- go directly online and sign up! When the spaces are gone, they are gone! Great Jeffries representation!

Madeline Whitaker

Hannah Sparkman

Tiffany Coughenour

Tracy Livingston

Katie Pennington

Megan Sheets

Get Your Canvas Courses "Summer Ready"

Get a jump start on the '16-'17 school year by prepping your Canvas Courses for summer development. This summer your current Canvas courses will be available to view, but you will not be able to edit the content. If you want to work on your course(s) this summer, you will need follow some quick and easy steps.

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