¡Bienvenidos a español 1 Block!

An informational and instructional newsletter by Sra. Clark

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Welcome to Spanish 1 online ...

Hola my name is Sra. Melissa Clark and I have your child in my Spanish 1 online course this fall semester. Our class starts on Monday, August 29th.

Below I have posted our calendar of assignments and information on how to become an observer in the Spanish 1 course. Being an observer will allow you to check on the progress of your student.

This is a Spanish 1 block course. Assignments are due each Friday night. It is important for your child to login and work daily in the course. It is recommended that they work at least 90 minutes a day. I understand that sometimes "life" does get busy, but your child should always have a plan to catch up if they get behind.

Zeros will be entered each week in the course after the due date. Any assignment with a zero can still be made up for full credit.

I will send out weekly updates about the course. Normally these updates will have what is due during the week and the Required Live Class (RLC) schedule.

Please print this calendar and have your child check off the assignments as they complete them.

Below is information on how to signup as an observer in the course.

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Peer Tutoring Center

Did you know NCVPS has a Peer Tutoring Center? We do. And it's fantastic.

If you have students who need some extra help in our classes or maybe just need some help in navigating our learning management system or managing their workload, have them seek help from our Peer Tutoring Center.

The Peer Tutoring Center offers the following services to NCVPS students:

Peer Tutoring - Peer Tutors provides tutoring in specific content areas.

Virtual Buddy - Virtual Buddies are select student volunteers who have agreed to work with NCVPS students who need more than content help in their online classes.

Quick Questions - Services are available to all students via Blackboard IM at the start of the semester. For the first four weeks, this is the primary work we provide to ALL NCVPS students.

Please refer students needing services to thier NCVPS instructors or to the Peer Tutoring Center button within their NCVPS course.

The Peer Tutoring Center also publishes the Peer Tutoring Blog. This blog is run by the NCVPS Peer Tutor staff. Articles are posted bi-weekly and are about a variety of topics, from the best way to manage school work to embracing the opportunities which life throws at you. You can see some of the previous articles in the Tutor Talk Blog. www.ncvpspeertutor.blogspot.com .

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