Digital Citizenship

How should I behave online?

Question 1: What safety tips have we learned from Clicky about using the Internet?

Question 2: What are some ways Clicky says people may try to trick you to come with them?

Question 3: Who would you tell if something makes you upset?

Question 4: What advice would you give someone that was afraid to tell an adult?

End of Lesson 1

Stay tuned for next week!

Question 1: Name 2 rules Clicky told us in the video?

Question 2: According to the video, who should you check with before you do anything?

Question 3: Who is a trusted adult?

Question 4 What does it mean to check first?

Question 5: Have you ever had a virus in your body? If so how did you get rid of it?

Question 6: How did Webster almost get a virus in his computer?

Question 7: What did Clicky do to protect Webster's computer?

Question 8: If you get an E-mail from someone you don't know, what should you do? Why or why not?

Question 9: Is it safe to open E-mail or other things sent by friends or family? why or why not?


For homework complete the Clicky's Hidden Message. Homework is due next Friday.