By Tristan Wright


Pretty days and quiet nights are precious to everyone. Without the Earth's rotation we wouldn't have those things. We would be stuck with day on one side of Earth and night on the other! A full rotation takes twenty three hours and fifty three minutes. Earth's revolution is pretty important too! Without it we wouldn't have our seasons. One side of the earth would be cold and the other would be hot! The length of a full revolution takes about three-hundred-sixty-five days. The reasons we have seasons are because of the Earth's tilt on it's axis and it's revolution around the sun. The seasons on the Northern and Southern hemisphere are total opposites. It's fall here and spring on the other side of the world! In certain places on Earth there are only one to two seasons. Like the rain forests or Antarctica. This is because of where these places are located on Earth. In the Winter and Fall months, the days are shorter and colder. While during the Summer and Spring months the days are longer and warmer. The summer and winter solstices are on Dec. 21 and June 2. The spring and fall equinoxes are on March 21 and Sep. 21. The solstices and equinoxes are the starting points for each season. In the North and South poles, during the summer, the days are longer because the sun is facing them more. The days on the equator are twenty four hours because they are all the same. If the Earth was not tilted on it's axis then we would only have two seasons. If the Earth was tilted to a greater degree then there would probably only be two to three seasons. There could be natural occurring events on Earth that could cause the seasons to change, but if there are I don't know about them. If we were closer to the sun then the fall and winter seasons would be shorter and the spring and summer seasons would be longer. When the seasons change neither do the length of your shadows. It doesn't make sense for them to. I think that the animals and plants on Earth can tell the changing of the seasons by temperatures. If the revolution around the sun went faster then years would go by quicker and the seasons would be shorter.
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