WL Weekday Newsletter

Buckhead Church - Toddlers & Twos

Hello Moms and Dads,

Camping week was so fun. The kids really enjoyed our big tent and all the fun activities we did!

Highlights of the week:

- Lots of pretend play! Sleeping in the tent, using flashlights to move around in the dark, cooking breakfast in the woods, using a rope to hang our food very high and away from our tent so we could be safe from the Big Bear ;), seating by the pretend fire to hear camping stories with Ms. Alicia, catching fireflies with Ms. Makeisha and Ms. Ashley and hearing the sounds of wild life with Ms. Lisa!

- Gross motor skills: Everyday we went for nature walks. Our kids collected sticks for our campfire craft and searched for animals and nature elements we find when camping in the woods. During our walks, pour little ones listened so well and never let go of the rope. There's not enough words to say HOW PROUD we are of them!

- Smore's and Cupcakes for Jack: We followed the theme and celebrated our friend Jack's last week with messy marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate! Y'all probably realized by now that we love a good excuse to eat treats ;). They make the best memories!

- Pool Party at Ms. Lisa's House: I am so bummed i couldn't come but i am sure it was a lot of fun. Thank you Ms. Lisa!!! We will share pictures soon.


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We need your help

We are facing a challenge during our morning walks. Many of our kids are not wearing appropriate shoes. As they walk in line holding the rope, kids who are not wearing appropriate shoes keep losing (if too big) or tripping (if sandals and flip flops) causing every child behind him/her fall too. When outside, we want to be completely focused on the safety of our children and not distracted by a shoe or flip flop that keeps falling off ;).

Since we are in the city and fashion is really important (lol) we don't mind if your child has to change shoes before our walk, just stick that pair of tennis hoes in his/her backpack lol :).

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Yummy chocolate cupcake

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This week

Our theme is SUPERHERO. We will have fun dressing up and celebrating the end of our Summer Program.

Ms. Ashley is out enjoying a wonderful cruise to Alaska!

On Thursday from 12:15-12:45 there will be a "Meet the Teacher" meeting where important information about your child's next school year will be shared.

Our Director Kayla will be contacting you all with more details.

This is NOT a goodbye Jack, let's just say "see you later alligator". We love you!!!

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That's it for now. Y'all have a great week!

Ms. Gabby - Ms. Lisa - Ms. Ashley - Ms. Alicia - Ms. Makeisha