Lives on the trail

On the trail


  • The settlers had to build there houses in hills. The houses were weak and flimsy if a cow walked over them it may collapse!

  • One of the hardest things for pioneers were building homes. Some people say that there were not much trees.

  • Some settlers did not go west because they thought it was to dry for farming. They needed the ground to have water in order to farm.

Hard times

  • Almost 10,000 people died from things like accidents, diseases, falling off wagons, drowned crossing rivers, shot in firearm accidents, drinking bad water, cholera, measles and smallpox

  • When pioneers went up mountains it was risky because wagons could tip over easily. the waggons were not verey stable because the wheeles were made of wood.

  • Time. Time was the most precious thing to them. For instance, if a person or animal was sick everyone had to stop dig for a solution.