SCHS Coaching 2.0

Coaching Cycles 2014-2015

How can coaching cycles help you with PGES, SGG, PGP, & the POP?

With the implementation of PGES, and the push towards coaching cycles, Instructional Coaches now have some flexibility for needs-specific, short term support; beyond year-long support. Cycles of 3-9 weeks (long enough for a module or unit), or just consultation meetings are available as the desire to try things (ex: technology integration, project based-learning, implementing new standards) and or getting help with state's new effectiveness system, PGES arises. Also, pairs/teams of teachers who would like support (PLC’s or data teams, for example) can also be coached together.

While the workshop model remains a district-wide expectation, and the incorporation of thinking strategies continues to grow, coaching has become more personalized and flexible. Please contact Fox at or Maggie Terry at to set up an individual conference time.

Work sessions will be held on Tuesday, October 7th after school for PGES support as the SGG, PGP, and POP are due by October 10th.

Possible Areas of Support

Current Areas of Additional Support

  • Student Growth Goals, Professional Growth Goals & POP (Since these are due on October 10th, please contact us for final crafting before submission on PGES.)

  • Technology Inclusion (With teacher devices coming in this fall, and some current classroom sets available from the library, let us know how we can help facilitate these devices in your instructional units. Check out the Prezi by Adam Watson)
  • Project-based Learning (Check out
  • District Writing Plan
  • Standards-based Grading
  • New Standards (Science/Social Studies)
  • Data Team Calibration (Let us know how we can help align your current data team practice to the data team model.)

SCHS Coaches: Fox DeMoisey & Maggie Terry

If you think you may be interested in working with a coach in some capacity this year (and feel free to personalize/customize further), please contact Fox or Maggie with a quick sketch of what you might have in mind so we can begin to design a schedule to meet your needs.