Speed Skating 1500m

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The speed is unbearable for some,

Speed skating has been around very long in the Olympics culture and has been competed by men and women around the globe for the gold. The event consists of a ice track that looks exactly like a track for field. The racers will line up 1 vs 1 and race through the track on their high speed skating.

The Data Tables

My data was based of of the gold medal times of the 1500m speed skating for the Olympics. My L1 was the year that the competitor competed along with L2 which was my female times and L3 which was my male times.

Scatter Plot

This is the scatter plot of all the times from men and women's gold medals for the 1500m speed skating. The Circles are the Women's times and the crosses are the Men's times.
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Linear Regression

These are the equations for the lines of best fit. The first equation is for the female's times. The second equation is the equation for the men's times which are thicker.


The intersection between the men and women is shown to not happen in a very long time because both lines are decreasing showing that they are both getting faster but women times are decreasing a little faster therefore they will catch up to the men's times some time later.

The X coordinate

The independent variable represents the number of years since the first data point in the study, 1976 (x=0). In the year 2087 women's times will have reached the men's time. Because the year 2087 is not an Olympic year you can expect the women to out preform the men in the speed skating 1500m in the year 2090.

The Y coordinate

The dependent variable is the time of the men and women's 1500m speed skate in the year 2087. The time is 68.74 seconds. Because the year 2087 is not a winter Olympics game, you can expect the women's time in the Olympics of 2090 to be slightly better then the men's.
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