Life in the Goldfields

By Hana B


They used many different tools during the gold rush, they helped retreive the gold and were used for they many different types of mining.

Different types of mining

The different types of mining were alluvial and shaft. Shaft mining is digging deep holes into the ground, the holes were about 50 metres deep. Alluvial mining is using the pan and shaking the pan to find the gold. They would go to river banks and dig the dirt and water.

Chinese in the goldfields

Heaps of Chinese can to the goldfields to hunt for gold. About 7000 Chinese worked in Australia. The Chinese had many different techniques to the Europeans which lead to the Europeans bullying the Chinese. They would cut they plaits of because they didn't like it.
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Women in the goldfields

The women in the goldfields worked day and night cleaning the tents they lived in and cooking most of the food. Most of the women would work with there husband or parents, although, the women in the first few years of mining were very special as women weren't expected to mine.
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Life in the goldfields

Many people left there jobs to go to the gold rush, hoping to find gold, most shops closed down due to lack of costumers. The miners in the goldfields lived in tents with makeshift mattresses stuffed with leaves. They would also have a cooking fire and something specific to identify they tent. Miners would eat mutton, damper and tea as a simple diet.
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