Breakfast, most important meal?

Is breakfast really a necessity?


Many people skip breakfast in the effort to lose weight, but in many cases it can backfire. Skipping breakfast can make weight lose more difficult. The outcome of not eating breakfast results in eating more at the next two meals, lunch and dinner, and snacking on high calorie snacks to stave off hunger. By eating breakfast, it helps recharge your body and helps to benefit you in the long run. Those who eat breakfast usually have a higher intake in essential vitamins and minerals.

Different examples of high nutritious options to help fuel you up and make your day more productive.


Kids who eat breakfast usually perform better in school and have a healthy meal/ snack plan throughout the day. Insulin resistance is higher for those who don’t eat breakfast. The adolescents who ate a protein-rich breakfast had lower appetites and ate less during the day, whereas a protein-neutral breakfast was not better than skipping breakfast. Kids need to eat breakfast even more than adults. Kids are growing and their brains are developing, fuel is needed which comes from food.

"Breakfast is often described as the most important meal of the day, and rightfully so -- it not only provides important daily nutrients such as protein, fiber, calcium and carbohydrates, but it also helps improve school performance, allowing students to do better on tests, according to the Food and Nutrition Service."

Benefits of eating a healthy breakfast:

- improve cognitive abilities
- higher intake in essential vitamins and minerals

- improved grades

- increased concentration

- weight maintenance

Breakfast is the easiest meal to prepare and eating breakfast should become a habit for young kids and adults.

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