Digital Learning Day

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

Empowering Teachers, Librarians, and Learners. Promoting Innovation.

What is Digital Learning Day?

Digital Learning Day is a culminating event in a year-round national awareness campaign to improve teaching and learning for all children. On Digital Learning Day, we are asking everyone – no matter your comfort with technology - teachers, librarians, school leaders, afterschool programs, community groups, parents – to sign up and be counted in this effort by starting a conversation, trying one new thing, and showcasing successes.

Digital Learning Day: Make a Difference

Things You Might Like to Try on Digital Learning Day:

  • Have you heard about Flipped classrooms? Record a lesson as you teach it. Post this on your website for students who are absent. We have the tools and software to make this happen!
  • There's an app for that! Our iPad carts were recently updated - try a new app. The CCSS even has an app.
  • Use an online database to get information for your students — they can practice their online reading skills. We have great resources on our library website. New this year - PebbleGo. Check with Ms. Kurth if you need a reminder for the username and password.
  • Observe a technology rich classroom - learn from each other!
  • Use SMART Response clickers or Google Forms as an assessment tool.
  • Start a wiki —
  • Look at some blogs on the topic of using technology with your students:
    Free Technology for Teachers —
  • Use Technology to strengthen your PLC - connect with educators online, through Twitter, or other collaborative groups. Follow educational leaders
    (DLDay2012, eInstruction, Gizmodo, Edublogs, Isteconnects, Thenerdyteacher, TIGed, Gadgetlab, DiscoveryEd, Stephen Abram, Wired Educator, Ed Week Teacher, Education Week)
  • Try our new e-books available on Follett Shelf
  • Use Discovery Education, TeacherTube, Safari Montage or another online source for videos in a lesson. Animal Planet Live also has some awesome links - there was a reindeer cam last month that kids really enjoyed.
  • Take your class on a virtual tour of a museum—art museum, science museum, natural history or more! Lots of options through CESA 10 for Digital Learning Day!
  • Use Google Earth in class to find famous places.
  • Struggling with our transition to Google? Check out the tutorials on the Tech Coaches website or attend a Google After Hours class. The link to sign up is on the staff portal page.
  • Check out the Digital Learning Day and Wisconsin Digital Learning Day websites for more ideas.

“Join us as we create a national awareness campaign to celebrate innovative teachers and instructional strategies. Technology has changed the way we do everything from grocery shopping, to listening to music, and reading books. It’s time to take action to leverage this potential with more innovative uses of technology in our nation's schools to ensure every student experiences personalized learning with great teaching.”

Created by Ashley Kurth, LMS