by Jenn Marcella

Italian Flag History

The Italian flag was inspired by the French flag. The colors of the flag ( red green and white ) were derived from the Milan flag ( red and white ) and the uniform of the civic guard of Milan ( green )

European Union

Italy joined the EU on January 1st in 1958. Italy was also one of many of the founders of the EU.

Why you should visit.

Geography of Italy

Italy is a peninsula that is a boot shaped country surrounded by three seas on all sides, and is mostly made of mountains and hills.

Currency Type

Now are EURO's but used to be lira's

Interesting Facts

1.) tourists who visited Italy said there was no tomato's in their food when Italy is known for pizza which has tomatoes in it and spaghetti which some people put tomato sauce on.

2.) four fifths of Italy is either mountains or hills.

3.) author of Pinocchio was Italian.

History of Country

Italy was or has never been apart of another country.

Italy borders France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia.

It also borders naturally defined by Alpine watershed.

Major cities

The capital is Rome.

Four other major cities are Milano, Napoli and Torino.

Government type

President elected every 7 years; his duties are to appoint Prime Minister, authorizing presentation of government bills.