Herman Hesse

Plot Line: A story about the search for one's identity and happiness.

Exposition: Siddhartha is unhappy living with his father and decides to leave.

Rising Action: Siddhartha meets several "teachers" along his journey.

Climax: Siddhartha learns to listen to the river.

Falling Action: Vasudeva goes to the forest and dies.

Resolution: Siddhartha teaches Govinda about his enlightenment.

Theme: One must be his/her own teacher in order to fully develop wisdom and knowledge about the world around us.

Hesse develops this theme through the many conflicts Siddhartha experiences during his journey. Siddhartha is not able to find a "teacher" until he realizes that he is his best teacher.

Major characters...


The bird in a cage symbolizes Siddhartha's entrapment in samsara, and when Siddhartha finally leaves Kamala, a bird is released. The bird represents Siddhartha's choice between samsara or a life beyond samsara.