Chaselyn Baca


Hi guys!

What's your name and Where do you go to school?

Hi, I'm Chaselyn Baca and I attend Kell High School in Marietta :)!

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I totally didn't mean to make the picture that large, sorry!

What is your current grade in school?

I am currently a junior!

What is your favorite subject in school?

Probably anatomy or chemistry. I really enjoy any history class, as well.

What are your career aspirations?

I have a lot of options. I really want to be a medical examiner. If that doesn't work out, then I'd like to be a neurologist/neurosurgeon or a cardiologist. I'd also like to work with Doctors Without Borders :).

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Why are you taking this course?

I'm taking this course because I feel like it will help in the medical field. I also have a deep love for biology and I was really upset when they cut the course from our course list. :(

What are your course expectations?

I really just want to learn as much as possible and really do well.

Have you taken other classes online or with GAVS?

This is my first year taking any GAVS online courses, but I am currently taking French III as well.

What are your favorites (i.e. movies, books, music, etc.)?

I'm a huge movie person. I love any type of movie!

I'm not too fond of reading that is not a medical journal or some type of informative text.

I'm a huge music person, I love all types. Some of my favorite bands include The Smiths, She & Him, The Strokes, Florence + the Machine, etc.

I'm also really into tv. I think my two favorite TV shows are Rizzoli & Isles and Orange is the New Black.

Which college are you planning to attend? etc

I'm planning to attend Brown, Yale, U. Penn, Johns Hopkins, Northwestern, University of Chicago, or University of Illinois. Maybe NYU? I'm very indecisive :(

What kind of pets you have?

I have a dog and a snake!

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Some other things about me?

I'm always on the computer. I'm super active on tumblr and twitter ! I'm also really, really into fashion and that sort of thing. :D I'm super obessed with Sasha Alexander and Zooey Deschanel. I really enjoy eastern cultures and I really enjoy yoga and tea. I'm a health nut and an aspiring vegan. Thanks for reading!