Period 2 1607-1754

Sydney Thompson

January 5, 2016


  • Separatists
  • Wanted to break away from the Church of England
  • Traveled to Plymouth in 1620
  • Governor was William Bradford
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Myles Standish

  • Captain of the Mayflower
  • Helped Plymouth colony grow because of strong leadership
  • Indian fighter and negotiator
  • Military leader for the Plymouth Colony
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  • Non-separatists
  • Wanted to stay with the Church of England
  • Wanted to purify the Church of England from Catholic ceremonies
  • Located in Massachusetts Bay Colony in Boston
  • Governor John Winthrop
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John Winthrop

  • Puritan
  • Led a group of Puritans to the New World
  • Founded Massachusetts Bay colony (Boston)
  • Joined the Massachusetts Bay Company in 1629
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Mayflower Compact

  • Signed November 11, 1620
  • First written agreement in the New World
  • Led to adult settlers meeting in assemblies to make laws in town meetings
  • A form of colonial self government
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Massachusetts Bay Colony

  • Created in 1630
  • Puritans were seeking for religious freedom
  • Puritans thought they could reform the Church of England
  • Gained a royal charter from the Church of England
  • Founded by John Winthrop who became the governor
  • 15,000 settlers moved to the colony in the 1630s known as the Great Migration
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When is Thanksgiving? Colonizing America: Crash Course US History #2

Glorious Revolution

  • Occurred in England in 1688
  • Removed King James ll from power
  • William and Mary became in charge of England's throne
  • Colonies again began to operate under separate charters
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Indentured Servitude

  • Virginia meet the need for labor by indentured servitude
  • Servants had contract with their landowner for paying their passage to the new world
  • Indentured servants worked for 4-7 years for landowners to pay of debt
  • Servants could gain freedom and obtain land to farm
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CUL - 1.0 - The Pilgrims traveled to America for religious freedom from the Church of England. Then the Puritans came to the New World and caused contradictions because they believed that America needed to be purified by the Catholic faith.

MIG- 1.0 - One major cause of migration to the New World was to break free from the Church of England. The indentured servants that came to America were able to help the new colonists and their society by tending to the crops.