The American Revolution

By: Brian Delos Santos

The American Revolution

The American revolution took place 1765-1783. The American Revolution contained a lot of protests of British rule, mainly about taxes.

Boston Tea Party

The Boston Tea Party was an event that occured December 16, 1773. The BOston Tea Party was a rotest of the colonists on the tax of tea. The colonists dressed as indians and began to overhtrow a british ship containign the imports of mainly tea and started to throw the tea overbord.

Boston Massacre

The Boston Massacre Occured March 5, 1770. During a protest a mob of colonist throwing sticks and rocks at British soldires were fired upon killing civilians.

Lexington and concord

Lexington and Concord occurred April 19, 1775.This was a very important battle of the american revolutionary war because this was the first military engagement of the American revolution sparking a war.

Battle of saratoga

The battle of Saratoga occurred seprember 19, 1777- October 7 1777. During the battle of Saratoga American forces defeated a British army in which renewed patriots spirits of independence.

Battle of yorktown

The Surrender at Yorktown ending on October 19, 1781 at Yorktown Virginia. George Washington commanding a force of 17,000 french and continental troops against 9,000 British troops in the most important battle of the revolutionary war.

Intolerable acts

Intolerable acts refers to multiple laws passed by British parliament in 1774 after the Boston tea party in which the colonists did not appreciate. These laws were meant to punish said colonists for throwing the tea in the Boston harbor.

Ben Franklin

Ben FRanklin was a statesman , author, publisher, scientist, inventor, and diplomat During the american revolution and served in teh second continental congress which helped draft the decleration of independance.

George Washington

Commander of the Continental Army George Washington fought in many wars including the battle of Yorktown in which was a major battle in the american revolution.