Forms of Energy

Alex Lapinski


Energy is the ability to do work or cause change. These below are examples of energy.

Mechanical Energy

Mechanical Energy is form of energy associated with the position and motion of an object. You can find mechanical energy by adding an object's potential and kinetic energy.

One example of this energy is a player throwing a baseball. The height above the ground it is thrown is its potential energy and the speed of which it is thrown is its kinetic energy. If you add these two together it is mechanical energy.

This picture is of Chicago White Sox ace Chris Sale throwing a baseball.

Another example is a roller-coaster ride. When the ride goes up its potential energy increases and when it goes the down, the faster it goes, the more kinetic energy it has.

This is a picture of a roller-coaster at the top of a hill which would be its potential energy and when it goes down that's when there would be kinetic energy.

Thermal Energy

The total potential and kinetic energy of particles in an object is thermal energy.
An example of thermal energy is boiling water. Because the heat of the stove is making the kinetic energy of the particles increase so they move faster which causes it to get hotter.

Boiling water is commonly used to make some form of pasta

Another example can be ice cream melting form the sun. The heat form the sun transfers to the particles of the ice cream to make them move faster thus causing the ice cream to melt.

Kids often cry when there ice cream melts into a liquid thus causing the parents to buy more ice cream.

Electrical Energy

Electrical energy is the energy of electrical charges. This has to do with the particles in the object.
One example is lightning since electrical charges in the lighting are moving which would make kinetic energy.

Lightning is commonly scene during a thunder storm

Another example is a electrical outlet. The energy in the outlet is the potential energy which waits to move until something is plug into it.

For example a toaster will not work if its not plugged in since it doesn't have any energy.

Chemical Energy

Chemical Energy is the potential energy stored in the chemical bonds that hold chemical compounds together.
An example of chemical energy is a thing of grapes. The grapes have energy stored inside waiting to be eaten so it will transfer the energy to something else.

Grapes are a yummy food that give you energy

Also an example is a book of matches. The tip of match has electrical energy waiting for it to strike against something to create a spark to cause a fire.

Matches are a good thing to use to make a fire.

Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Energy is a type of potential energy that is stored in the nucleus of an atom. It is released during a nuclear reaction.
An example is a nuclear power plant. The nuclear power plant gives off nuclear energy to power a whole city.

Nuclear power plants are an effective way to power a city

Also an example is the sun. Its created went the two nuclei fuse together to form bursts of energy.

The sun is a key part for life

Electromagnetic Energy

Electromagnetic Energy a term used to describe all the different kinds of energies released into space by stars such as the Sun.
An example is a microwave oven. The microwave uses electromagnetic waves to heat up the food inside

A microwave is commonly used to heat up someone macaroni and cheese.

X-Rays is another form of electromagnetic energy. The waves penetrate through light atoms like flesh to get to the bones to view them.

This an x-ray of a snake.