The guide of how to dress dressy NOT messy

Don't violate the code...just don't.

The Newark Academy dress code has students dress nicely for school. Students are not allowed to wear anything sloppy, baggy, dirty, frayed, torn, see-through, low-cut, revealing (including clothing that reveals the midriff area). Any student who violates this code at any point during the day until the final bell rings will be assigned a detention and will have to change into the appropriate clothing. A second offense will be increased detention time. A third offense will include in disciplinary probation. If you don't want to have these terrible punishments you should probably follow the dress code. Following the dress code is one of the most important material cultures in NA. Material culture is something that you can touch see or feel.

The picture at the top right corner is what NOT to wear to school. That is a violation of the dress code.

Dress good not like your in the HOOD.

When you are in NA you should always have the proper clothes on. You can wear anything that is not sloppy or inappropriate. If you are not in the proper clothes by the time the final bell rings then that is a moré. A moré are very serious rules of conduct. They regulate behaviors that could seriously affect other people. Dressing nice is a important artistic pattern.

Can you identify which of the pictures below is one of the o.k. clothing that you are allowed to wear when you are at Newark Academy.

Need help go to www.newarka.edu

Dress code NOT mess code

I already said that dress improperly is a moré. But dressing inappropriately like having a inappropriate is a taboo. Or not dressing at all is a taboo. A taboo is a very very serious crime where you can get expelled suspension or disciplinary probation. On the other hand if you dress like you are supposed to that is considered a folkway. A folkway is an approved way of doing something politely or with good judgement in a particular society.

The picture in the top right corner is strictly forbidden at NA. Wearing that would be a taboo