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Our Monthly Newsletter - First issue - March 23, 2016

Eat Healthy provides the easiest and quickest tips and tricks to change your eating habits!

Eat Healthy provides information for individuals who are interested in changing their diet and eat healthy meals; it provides easy, affordable and quick tips to follow. As well as, explaining how eating healthy can affect the skin and body energy.

BUSY LIFE !! join us today and let us worry about your diet

You have a busy life? work, school or even children!! let us help you change your diet with minimum effort.

Eating healthy food increases your productivity. Your brain needs food to work efficiently, but not any food. Fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, proteins, carbohydrates supply the brain with the needed energy to function properly. Furthermore, eating healthy help you save money in direct and in indirect ways. For example, preparing meals home cost less than buying ready meals. As well as, you will get sick less and have a great skin so you will spend less on medicine and cosmetics

Boost your energy

The best way to increase your energy is to eat foods that have the largest amount of nutrition per calorie. You can get it from beans, whole grains, vegetables, fruits, lean animal proteins and nuts, seeds. Fried and fatty foods, refined breads, desserts and sweets, and processed snack give us so many calories with little nutrition.

Want to get a radiant glow and a soft skin —one bite at a time

Our skin has a lot to say about our health, the color and texture of the skin can also reveal if we have any health issues. The first step to get great and healthy skin is to increase the water intake to 8 cups a day and 10 if you are an active person. Our skin loves selenium, it is found in mushrooms, shrimps and red meat this mineral helps protect your skin cells. Orange fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamin A, it essential for helping the dry and flaky skin.

Cleaning your body inside out

Our body get toxic and damaging chemicals all the time from the air we breathe, products we use and from food we eat. Eating healthy will not only eliminate the toxins we get to our body but also help us cleanse it to protect our organs. There is some food that considers antioxidants that help our bodies clean itself. Increase your intake from colorful fruits like melons and berries. Another great source of antioxidants is green leafy vegetables like kale, spinach, broccoli, collard and greens.

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Lose weight by making small changes in your diet

Here is a great YouTube video with some tips and tricks on how to eat healthy and lose weight, Hope you enjoy watching.
How to Eat Healthy and Lose Weight

Happiness is Yummy Food

Food can change our mood! Did you know that Low levels of calcium may play a role in PMS-related depression? To increase the calcium in your body you can eat food like dairy milk or soy milk, yogurt and cheese. Furthermore, B9 or folic acid is a key factor to create new brain cells and nerve cells therefore more relaxing body. You can find folic acid in spinach, asparagus, avocado and black eyed peas.

Change! we all need it

Change in life is very important, but to adopt a new healthy lifestyle, change doesn't need to be significant.It can be one step at a time which will lead to a big change in the long run.Just remember, eating healthy will help us live longer and spend more time with the people we love.