My Role Model Is My Cousin Katy


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8 Interesting Facts

  1. she has a twin sister
  2. Has graduated from college and is going back to school to get her bachelors is teaching
  3. She can hunt, fish, and shout
  4. Her mom is a vet
  5. She went to Wast Texas A&M and is going to school and Corpus Christian A&M
  6. In her free time she like to go to the beach to read or study
  7. Sometime she go's to George wast with her twin sister Megan
  8. She is studying to be a teacher

why is this person my role model

My cousin Katy in my role model because even thou she already graduated from college she is still going to school to get her bachelors in teaching. She loves handing out with her family. She is a go-getter she dosen't let anything stop her.

How dose they represent themselves in public

She is kind and respectful to others. She is inviting, and easy to take to. She all was trying to look her beats in public.