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Archived by: Victoria Schwab, can send to a new world!

Archived By: Victoria Schwab

A new young adult series can soar you to a new world. Join the adventures and struggles of Mackenzie Bishop as she moves to an old apartment building. Her family is now moving away from a home and a death. As she starts to uncover a mystery about a boy in the hidden hallways. She tries to keep her job of Keeper. But will this boy end this career for her.

Now as one boy is confusing and twisting Mackenzie Bishop. She comes to know about another boy. Another mysterious male she first saw in a hallway. A hallway all humans can see. Will these boys be her's and the Archive's undoing, will one tear her apart and the other fix her, and will she be able to come out alive on top of all these trails.

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Mackenzie Bishop

  • Keeper
  • Mourning brother's recent death
  • Trying to uncover the mysteries of the Archive and her new building
Mystery Boy 1

  • Roams The Archived Halls
  • Has not slipped
Mystery Boy 2

  • Hangs out in Coronado Halls
  • wears guyliner