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Week of October 7th - 11th, 2019

“It's the individual effort of everybody working together towards a collective goal that causes real, effective change in America and in the world.” -David Hogg-


Building the bridge between school and home:

As you all know, my own children attend Fort Wayne Community Schools. FWCS does not use Power School for grades, but they use it for teachers to "post" assignments, resources and more. They have a separate site for access to grades. I have been slacking as a parent with staying on top of my own children's grades and assignments and decided that during fall break, I would get caught up so I can be more active and involved moving forward. I accomplished this, but it also caused me to start thinking.....scary thought as always!

This whole process involved me questioning my own children and e-mailing a few teachers asking for clarification and then in-person meetings to better understand things. Lastly, it ended with me e-mailing the high school principal and meeting with the middle school principal. All of these steps could have been avoided with better communication between the teachers and parent through their Power School communication resources. As you can guess, Power School did not have assignments/due dates, resources or even topics showing what they were working on in was useless!

Living this experience of knowing my kids needed help and support, but not knowing how I can go about providing it was due to lack of communication between home and school. So, I ask you to stop for a moment and reflect on your communication with parents. Do parents know how to access grades, assignments/due dates, resources and more? Do you provide a newsletter or other form of detailed communication sharing topics, skills and concepts that students will be working on for the week or two weeks before the next communication? When students are missing assignments, do you reach out to parents to problem solve and work as a team to help the student to complete them? Do you offer ideas or materials for parents to assist their children with at home? Do parents know about CLEVER and all of the apps that they can visit or search or have their children work on from home? Do they know how to access the Ready Math materials online from home?

I think you get the gist of what I am can we better communicate with our parents and keep them informed of up to date learning, resources and information so they can play an integral part in their child's education? Periodic phone calls when students are missing work or struggling in other ways is not going to cut it, let's take a different approach, let's push them to be involved daily!

Week of October 7th-11th:

Monday, October 7th:

PD - Using Read Alouds to model comprehension strategies and using Mentor Text in Writing

8:30-11:30 a.m. - Writing PD for grades 3-5 teachers w/ Becca (Maker Space Room)

1 p.m. - Stephanie meeting with Kris D.

Tuesday, October 8th:

3:30 p.m. - PTO Meeting

Wednesday, October 9th:

7-7:30 a.m. - PTO Sponsored "Donuts with Dad" or someone Special

***Picture Re-Takes***

9 a.m. - Speaker Series #3 for Grades 3-5 (Library)

Thursday, October 10th:

9 a.m. - Relocation Drill

3 p.m. - Robotics Practice

Friday, October 11th:

10 a.m. - Flu Vaccines

Good resource above to hold student's accountable when working towards their goals...

Great Reminders

Please take a moment to read through this short article above. We already provide these strategies to students, but do we provide them to all students? Should we provide to all students? Are there certain strategies we should do more often? Good reflection article!

Copy Paper

Many of you have been asking about the copy paper situation. If you remember, we discussed how to get students more engaged and use less worksheets or paper with our students. You were given a challenge - use less paper and choose either more technology or more hands-on activities or both...........

In order to support this initiative, I decided that we would put out 20 reams (10,000 sheets) of paper per month in each location (lounge/office). So far, we have put out 30 reams of paper in the lounge each month and even more in the office, and we are still running out of copy paper before the end of each month.

Please understand this is not about cost, it is about challenging ourselves to go beyond paper and provide more engaging instruction and activities for our students. I do understand that there are certain things you must use paper for, like handwriting practice and in writing. Think about the other things you can eliminate copying so that these are the priorities or use loose leaf lined paper (upper grades).

I am providing this information for clarification purposes only:

Week of September 1st-7th: 10,332 pages copied, cost $125.67

Week of September 8th-14th: 9,645 copies, cost $130.02

Week of September 15th-21st: 8,977 copies, $125.77

Week of September 22nd-26th: 8,114 copies, $106.80

Total pages copied for the month of September: 37,068 pages.

If you are interested in your individual usage, see me.

October 14th - 18th:

Monday, October 14th:


10 a.m. - Stephanie @ JA Meeting

Tuesday, October 15th:

Fundraiser order/money due to school

9-11:30 a.m. - Vision Screening

3 p.m. - Leadership Meeting

Wednesday, October 16th:

3 p.m. - Student Council Meeting

Thursday, October 17th:

(Jamie @ RC today)

10 a.m. - Earthquake Drill

3 p.m. - Robotics Practice

3:30-7:30 p.m. - P/T Conferences

Friday, October 18th: