Building a 21st Century Classroom

February 18

Have you ever heard of speed dating? On February 18 you are invited to participate in Briarhill's version of speed dating. We are calling it Speed Sharing. The session is broken up into two parts: Speed Sharing and "Get to Know Better". During speed sharing you will spend two minutes with one of your colleagues learning about a new or unique technology tool. After hearing about each tool, you will select the one you would like to "get to know better."
We want you to get the most out of this session. In order to do that, we need you to complete this Google Form.

Just Try It.... You May Like It

Just Try It... You May Like It is the theme for Briarhill's 2014/15 trade day session. The session is scheduled for June 10 and will count as one of your November trade days. . The day will be very similar to last year's Google Appy session. More information will be coming soon.

FYI - Paras, this will not count as one of your sessions. This is for teachers only.