Make Money with Jamberry Nails

Host a Party

Host a party on Facebook or In-Home and Jamberry will donate 10% of all sales to your organization. I will also donate another 25% of sales, too! That's 35% directly to your cause!

Pass around the catalog, too, and collect even more orders! It's that easy!

Create your own Logo & Mascot Wraps

Would you love to have custom logo or mascot wraps for your supporters? I can help with our Nail Art Studio. I'll work with you to create one-of-a-kind designs and Jamberry will give 10% back to you and I'll give another 25% back to your organization. That's 35% directly to your cause!

How awesome would your logo or mascot be on a nail wrap? Think of the exposure! Think of the fun! What other marketing tool can give directly back like this one?

I will provide you with order forms and a website like this one just for your group to get information! It would work like other "catalog" style fundraising with collecting money and orders up front. Even better: I'll set up a Facebook Event to get the word out and collect even MORE orders. You could set up a booth at a game or event or even invite people over to your house to collect more orders! I will work with you to create the fundraising template which will work best for you.

Also, should any of your supporters fall in love with Jamberry and want to order something from the catalog directly, I can apply the order to your fundraising total!

Contact me today and let's get fundraising!

Monica Miller

Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant

Jamberry Lover